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Green Technology

Tech3 – FW

Fecal and industrial wastewater conversion into Blue Hydrogen

unique, advanced, environmentally safe and profitable technology

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MTX-100 / 300 System successfully convert animal manure into the highly valuable custom bio-fertilizers, on daily basis.Unique composition formula for increasing individual and collective immunology system, resistance to typical and un-typical diseases and effective...

Capital Strategic Projects

SD Investing Capital & GreenTech3 provides capital strategic projects throughout:

– Advanced Green Technology Innovations and Applications.
– Sustainable Environmentally Protocols.
– Science Approved Energy Conversion (and Conservation).

We apply our knowledge and innovations for practical purposes and bring new advanced Green Technology economically viable and energy efficient, in the sector of agriculture, fecal wastewater management and animal manure management.

There is no any use of hazardous substances, without generating any pollution or CO2, SO2, NOx emission.

Green Technology

We develop and bridge Sustainable Advanced Green Technology to market and relied on New Forms of Renewable Clean Energies, New Recycling Resources and Methodologies, making a truly Green and Holistic System.

GreenTech we have designed, contributes to ensure the success of a circular economy by producing healthy food, solving municipal waste and fecal wastewater management challenges producing cheap blue hydrogen and green energies, and creating valuable bio-fertilizers from animal manure.

GreenTech Protocols

GreenTech Protocols are designed and developed accordingly, to the IED (Industrial Emissions Directive) rules, and aim at protecting the environment and conservation of natural resources and low-carbon sustainable.

GreenTech Protocols have several main end-goals:

– protect and minimize the deterioration of the environment.
– conserve natural resources.
– zero greenhouse gases (GHG) emission.
– repair or reverse environmental damage.
– conserve the use of energy or convert into green forms.
– convert waste and wastewater into hydrogen, energy or fertilizer.

– energize and convert all kind of treated “dead” water into healthy “alive” water.

Green Tech

our Technology Innovations:

TECH3-FW TechnologyFecal and Wastewater into Blue Hydrogen or Thermal Energy or Electricity

MTX-100 / 300 Manure Treatment Technology Animal Manure into Organic Bio-Fertilizer

Advanced AQ SystemControlled Environment Organic Agriculture (Aquaculture)

Water Modulator Device Z-1®Quantum Technology for raising Water Energy

green tech

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Regardless of the route of spread of the tumor, the state of the extracellular matrix plays a key role in this process. Speaking about the cellular structure of the human body, we, as a rule, imagine dense rows of cells, stacked one to one, like bricks in a masonry....



Collagen - main gradient of the human body.Collagen is the main protein and the main building material of connective tissue in the human body, which is the core of the body and gives the human body shape, strength and stability, as well as protects, covers and...



Larch Arabinogalactan (ARG) – the strongest natural probiotic, anti-inflammatory agent and the most efficient body immune system activator.Larch Arabinogalactan (ARG) is a highly branched polysaccharide or fiber derived from the Larch Tree, consisting of a galactan...

Nano GreenTech covers the scientifically valuable application of:





Dihydroquercetin (DHQ) the strongest natural antioxidant.

Arabinogalactan, one of the strongest natural probiotics.

Collagen, the most important life protein and the main constructive element in humans