who we are

SD Investing Capital LLC was founded in 1990, through companies in South Africa and New Zealand.
A team of experienced engineers, bankers, innovators.

what do we do

SD Investing Capital – GreenTech provides capital strategic projects throughout:

Advanced Green Technology.
• Innovations and Applications.
• Sustainable Environmental Protocols.
• Energy Conversion & Conservation.

How do we do

SD Investing Capital – GreenTech applies a knowledge and innovations for practical purposes and brings new advanced Green Technology economically viable and energy efficient.

why we are different

We account on the GreenTech Protocols, and do not use any of hazardous substances or materials, without generating any pollution or CO2, SO2, NOx emission.

We protect and restore environment, convert wastewater into high-valuable Hydrogen, destroy old used fossil fuels without any pollution, make organic and green.

our innovations

We convert fecal and industrial wastewater into cheap Blue Hydrogen.
We convert animal manure into high-valuable bio-fertilizers.
We convert desert and polar regions into organic carbon farms.
We convert dead water into alive water.

Where we are

Wherever and whatever you need….

Our mission is to offer advanced and unique green technologies for the practical purposes and application.

Our goal is to protect and restore environment, offer new renewable energy sources and reduce carbon footprint without any pollution or gas emission.

Board of members

Sas Alex Jevremovic, PhD


Lewes, DE & Salt Lake City, UT & USA

25+ years of experience operating and managing in the construction, processing and financial industry.

Designed and developed several innovative and advanced green technologies.

Tatjana Jevremovic, PhD

Chair Advisory Board

Salt Lake City, UT & USA

Presidential Endowed Chair Professor in Nuclear Engineering and appointed Director of the Nuclear Engineering Program. Broad experience in design and analysis of nuclear reactors, cancer treatment, nuclear material detection and binary-targeted therapies.

Patrick Naile, Msc

Senior Partner

London, UK

25+ years advising on Investment Management, Risk Management, Structured Investment products and Banking Services to senior director, board level, City investment bankers and Hedge Fund principals.

Danijela Obradinovic, Bsc

Financial Manager


20+ years of professional experience in financial industry, specialized for the financial analyses, statistics, projections and revisions.

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SD Investing Capital – GreenTech

Lewes, DE & Salt Lake City, UT & USA

Email: sd.investing.us@gmail.com