SD Investing Capital & GreenTech provides capital strategic projects and advanced green technology implementations in the sector of agriculture (aquaculture), animal manure management, fecal wastewater management, hydrogen production.

We develop and bridge Sustainable Advanced Green Technologies to market and relied on New Forms of Renewable Clean Energies, New Recycling Resources and Methodologies, making a truly Green and Holistic System.

GreenTech and protocols are designed and developed accordingly to the IED (Industrial Emissions Directive) rules, and aim at protecting the environment and conservation of natural resources.

GreenTech and protocols contribute to ensure the success of a circular economy by producing healthy food, solving municipal waste and fecal wastewater management challenges, creating valuable end-products from animal manure, producing cheap blue hydrogen and green energies.

GreenTech and protocols are economically viable and energy efficient, without the use of hazardous substances and without generating any pollution or CO2, SO2, NOx emission.



GreenTech and protocols have several main end-goals:


1. protect and minimize the deterioration of the environment.

2. conserve natural resources.

3. zero greenhouse gases (GHG) emission.

4. repair or reverse environmental damage.

5. conserve the use of energy or convert into green forms.

6. convert waste and wastewater into hydrogen, energy or fertilizer.

7. energize and convert all kind of treated water into healthy water.